Our 360View event is designed to look at 3 disruptive, important and compelling technologies and use cases. This month we take a closer look at:

  • How to benefit from the flexibility of NoSQL with the power of SQL. Use SQL for familiar query access; store data as JSON and avoid a restrictive relational data model with full-text search, analytics, eventing, and key-value...with Couchbase.
  • How to get cloud scalability and resiliency with local performance in NAS while improving your cybersecurity posture. Ensure resiliency against ransomware through immutable storage with built-in DR that can recover millions of files in minutes (not hours). With Nasuni.
  • How to stop insider threats from your environment by observing behavior patterns and anomalies across firewalls, routers, workstations, databases, file servers and users themselves. With ManageEngine.

Date: May 24 @ 1pm ET

Remember: we're giving away ten (10) Amazon gift cards during the event!


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