Challenge: Improve virtual desktop performance: BVN is an award-winning architectural firm with a global reputation for design leadership and innovation. The firm's portfolio includes civic and institutional projects, office and residential design, tourism projects, industrial developments, master planning, and urban design.

BVN architects use powerful design software, 3D rendering tools, and even virtual reality to envision, engineer, and showcase client projects. These graphics-intensive technologies require a massive amount of computing power with equally capable memory and storage. And because BVN projects often involve multiple teams and workflows, it is vitally important that project resources are easily accessed and shared.

Solution: Accelerate performance while simplifying IT operations: BVN’s users needed better application performance, accessibility, and availability. And its IT staff wanted to simplify systems management and scaling. After considering on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure solutions, the firm selected Cisco HyperFlex with NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs) as the engine for its Citrix VDI. Learn how BVN simplified IT operations and accelerated graphics and compute intensive applications in this webcast and panel discussion.

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Mike Matchett

Mike Matchett is Principal Analyst & CEO with Small World Big Data. For the past 10 years Mike has worked as an industry analyst for Taneja Group and TechTarget. Mike covers hyperconverged architectures, virtual compute and desktop technologies, AI/ML and NoSQL databases. Mike holds a BSEE from MIT and served as a Chief Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force. Learn more at: Twitter: @smworldbigdata

Michael Lang

Michael Lang is a Solutions Architecture Manager with NVIDIA. Michael has been active in the virtualization and VDI spaces for well over a decade, as a partner, vendor, and always as an advocate for improved business outcomes.  Whether it’s with a mining, government or defense customer, or an architectural firm looking to solve challenges or increase productivity, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit his customers. In addition, he is the Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions architect for Deep Learning based solutions at NVIDIA ANZ.


Bryan Hilton is the Global VDI Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco. After joining Cisco in 2013, he accepted the worldwide VDI TSA role in February of 2017 helping customers achieve their VDI business goals. Bryan is passionate about desktop virtualization and ensuring customers can deliver an excellent end user experience without compromise. In his free time, Bryan enjoys being with his family, camping, and being outdoors. Twitter: @VDI_Geek


Haydn Davies is the IT Infrastructure Manager with BVN. Haydn is a seasoned IT professional with 15+ years of experience leading and building high performing teams, Cyber Security, designing highly available enterprise technology solutions.

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