The on-premises data center is no longer where most applications reside. Organizations are dealing with constant change and evolving business models. To survive this ever-changing landscape, you need a modern, distributed multicloud architecture that’s interconnected and flexible. Together Equinix and Cisco are providing enterprises with that model—and much more!


Join us for this webcast as we explore a digital strategy that enables you to deploy and interconnect digital hubs around the world, integrate ecosystems, and interact at the digital edge.

You’ll learn:

  • How Cisco’s portfolio of SD-WAN, security and collaboration solutions, combined with Equinix and digital services, can transform your data center for the digital era
  • Ways to address network security and quickly access network analytics from anywhere
  • Best approaches to run business-critical applications on a SASE-enabled architecture

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest infrastructure solutions from Equinix and Cisco. Register today!

Date: May 25, 1pm ET

Remember: We're giving away ten (10) Amazon gift cards during the event!


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