Avoiding Complexity Data Protection
Avoiding Data Protection Complexity

Overcoming Data Protection Pitfalls in Complex IT Environments

November 8, 2018 @ 1PM ET

60% of all IT workloads will run in the cloud by 2019 and by 2020, a corporate “No-Cloud” policy will be as rare as a “No-Internet” policy is today. IT infrastructures are rapidly spreading across different platforms, vendors and locations while many companies still use non-x86 platforms, including UNIX, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, etc. to support their legacy applications.

Accelerating pace of IT’s cloud transformation may cause you to face: ✓ Increased risks of data loss and downtime ✓ Inability to deliver SLAs demanded by the business ✓ Lack of transparency with stakeholders

Join Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst of Small World Big Data and Arcserve’s Director of Solutions Marketing & Engagement, Sam Roguine to learn how to avoid data protection pitfalls in the quickly changing world of IT.



Thurs, Nov 8, 2018

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1pm ET

(12pm CT, 10am PT)

Mike Matchett 

Principal Analyst

Small World Big Data

Sam Roguine 

Director of Solutions Marketing & Enablement


Mike Matchett
Sam Roguine

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