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Cloud adoption continues to escalate. The cloud's natural elasticity, resiliency, and agility are certainly attractive to IT, but what about business value? A strong business case for cloud can be based on the predictable pricing models, but there are many more areas to scope out the fuller business impact. For example, 

  • What is the total opportunity cost for not moving to cloud? 
  • What's lost by failing to meet unpredictable, seasonal, or even ongoing latent IT demands? 
  • How do you price business agility, operational resiliency, and—especially important today—effective digital transformation?

And just using cloud for infrastructure doesn’t come close to maximizing the potential business opportunity. 

Citrix and AWS are working together to layer Citrix’s advanced productivity solutions on AWS, enabling improved user experiences, user productivity gains, and an acceleration of business operations. The Citrix Cloud also integrates on-premises IT and AWS into a cohesive, value-producing hybrid. No application, data, or user gets left behind while cloud adoption accelerates.

Come join Small World Big Data’s Principal Analyst Mike Matchett as he explores this exciting collaboration between Citrix and AWS Value Engineer Gregg Nichols and Senior Partner Solution Architect, Joanne Lei. Together we will lay out detailed cloud business value factors, review actual corporate IT experiences, and explore all the ways that businesses can achieve increased business value on their journey to the cloud. 

Our Expert Panel:

Mike Matchett

Mike Matchett is Principal Analyst & CEO with Small World Big Data. For the past 10 years Mike has worked as an industry analyst for Taneja Group and TechTarget. Mike covers hyperconverged architectures, virtual compute and desktop technologies, AI/ML and NoSQL databases. Mike holds a BSEE from MIT and served as a Chief Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force. Learn more at: Twitter: @smworldbigdata

Joanne Lei

Joanne Lei is a Partner Solution Architect at AWS working with Technology Partners to build and evangelize their solutions on AWS. She has an extensive infrastructure background for both on-prem, Private Cloud and Public Cloud designing large-scale enterprise systems.

Gregg Nichols

Gregg Nichols leads the Global Value Engineering Team at Citrix.  Gregg is expert at helping companies identify, quantify, and realize the incredible growth that technology can drive for their business. He co-created Lifecycle DNA, the value-selling framework that propelled Siemens PLM’s Teamcenter to double the install base of the nearest competitor.


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