Myth Backup Is All I Need for eDiscovery--BUSTED
Myth: Backups for EDiscovery

Backups are nothing more than point-in-time copies of your data that are optimized for recovery…so…if you need to recover some of that data for compliance purposes or legal requirements…then just recover a backup set…right? Wrong! E-discovery and legal hold operations are very costly and if you’re relying on extracting and recovering backup data for this purpose you’re risking a very time and cost intensive effort. Add to this backup’s lack of open data access and the costs can mount exponentially.

During this event, you'll learn:  

  • How to eliminate risk and assure governance compliance  
  • Why unstructured data archives need to be done at the file vs. the image level  
  • How Aparavi makes it manageable even in today’s distributed big data world

Join Mike Matchett, Principal Analyst with Small World Big Data and Rod Christensen, CTO of Aparavi as they explain why backup is insufficient for E-Discovery in this ~20 min video webcast.


Thursday Feb 28, 2019

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10am PT, 1pm ET

Mike Matchett

CEO & Principal Analyst

Small World Big Data

Rod Christensen



Mike Matchett
Rod Christensen

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