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Virtual desktop solutions solve thorny IT challenges in delivering important business apps to distributed users. But power users need to run more powerful applications than desktops were designed to support. And with the advent of AI/ML-infused solutions, rich media and video-centric apps, and real-time on-line collaboration, more and more users are moving into that power user category. Wherever they work, technology-driving users want their serious expert applications available "locally"—whether they use advanced data analytics and visualization, 3D simulation/CAD, medical imaging, or high-quality media production.

Today's virtual workstations, powered by advanced GPUs, have become a power user's dream platform that they can now leverage anywhere—in the office, at home, or on the road. Backed by cloud-like resources pools, virtual workstations can even outperform dedicated workstations, and the powerful applications they run are at the user's fingertips wherever the user goes.

Join us on July 14 @ 1pm ET as Small World Big Data's principal analyst, Mike Matchett, explores how to maximize productivity for your growing pool of tech-driven experts. He’ll be joined by Cisco Virtual Workstation expert Bryan Hilton and  Paul Williams, Director of Service Delivery at Ebb3, specializing in providing end-user computing solutions for advanced power-hungry clients. We'll talk about the details of efficient but powerful virtual workstation architectures, the use cases and apps that today's power-hungry users need, and best practices for optimizing productivity while working from anywhere.

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Mike Matchett is Principal Analyst & CEO with Small World Big Data. For the past 10 years Mike has worked as an industry analyst for Taneja Group and TechTarget. Mike covers hyperconverged architectures, virtual compute and desktop technologies, AI/ML and NoSQL databases. Mike holds a BSEE from MIT and served as a Chief Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force. Learn more at: www.smallworldbigdata.com Twitter: @smworldbigdata


Bryan Hilton is the Global VDI Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco. After joining Cisco in 2013, he accepted the worldwide VDI TSA role in February of 2017 helping customers achieve their VDI business goals. Bryan is passionate about desktop virtualization and ensuring customers can deliver an excellent end user experience without compromise. In his free time, Bryan enjoys being with his family, camping, and being outdoors. Twitter: @VDI_Geek"


Paul Williams is Service Delivery Director with ebb3. Paul co-founded ebb3 in 2016. Paul has over 20 years ITIL service management and delivery experience, having previously held IT focused positions at Barclays, Aviva and the RAC. Paul’s passion for providing unmatched customer service shaped the way ebb3 has been built with an ITIL first approach.


Michael Lang is a Solutions Architecture Manager with NVIDIA. Michael has been active in the virtualization and VDI spaces for well over a decade, as a partner, vendor, and always as an advocate for improved business outcomes.  Whether it’s with a mining, government or defense customer, or an architectural firm looking to solve challenges or increase productivity, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to benefit his customers. In addition, he is the Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions architect for Deep Learning based solutions at NVIDIA ANZ.

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