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The traditional standalone data center is  becoming too isolated and expensive and pure cloud hosting is overly exposed for sensitive data and, over time, can also be too expensive. While some form of enterprise hybrid cloud seems inevitable, traditional hybrid approaches are often riddled with complexity, inflexibility, and excessive cost. 

What is the right approach today? The new IT strategy is to transition to a platform that creates and interconnects cloud-adjacent architectures across digital infrastructure—gaining greater performance, scalability, and choice of cloud platforms at the right locations for the best application QoS.

During this webcast you will learn about:

  • Cisco & Equinix's Cloud Adjacent Data Center hybrid cloud solution
  • How Cisco Cloud Infrastructure and Software provides a smooth foundation for private enterprise workloads and emerging cloud-friendly applications
  • Why Platform Equinix ensures first-class “adjacent” access to public cloud resources and services.

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Our Expert Panel:

Mike Matchett

Mike Matchett is Principal Analyst & CEO with Small World Big Data. For the past 10 years Mike has worked as an industry analyst for Taneja Group and TechTarget. Mike covers hyperconverged architectures, virtual compute and desktop technologies, AI/ML and NoSQL databases. Mike holds a BSEE from MIT and served as a Chief Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force. Learn more at: Twitter: @smworldbigdata

DR Carlson Headshot

D.R. Carlson is Senior Manager, Global Channel Messaging at Equinix, helping partners and customers build and future-proof their businesses using the company’s trusted global platform to enhance digital services and seamless connectivity. He has a strong track record in business development, client services, and account management in the national and global technology business arena, providing company expertise to startups, nonprofits, and commercial enterprises.

Ted Stein

Ted Stein is the Sr. Director, Data Center Americas at Cisco.Ted’s team provides customers an advantage with Cisco's commitment to delivering innovative technology for today and into the future. Cloud Infrastructure & Software solutions allow customers to grow their businesses around applications- regardless if on Prem, multi-cloud or in the Cloud to increase efficiency and reduce costs. As a network foundation, Cisco connects both employees and customers — from the office, home, or wherever mobile device users might be.

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