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Ransomware Is Coming for Your Backup — but It’s Not Game Over!

Ransomware attacks are now targeting not just IT production data, but backup data as well. These sophisticated attacks on backup data are existential threats — and organizations must step up their game to win against this rapidly increasing cyberthreat. Join the panel-style webinar to hear:

  • Insight on the current industry trends and how ready organizations really are to protect and recover from a ransomware attack
  • The story of how Sky Lakes Medical lived through a ransomware attack that compromised and encrypted their production and legacy backup infrastructure
  • A lively discussion on how a modern backup and data management solution can help strengthen an organization’s security posture, especially against threats like ransomware

Join this panel of industry experts and discover how having a backup plan with Cohesity gives you a head start in the race against ransomware.

Our Expert Panel

John Gaede

John Gaede, Director of Information Services, Sky Lakes Medical Center


Christophe Bertrand, Sr. Research Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Raj Dutt

Raj Dutt, Sr. Director Product Marketing, Cohesity

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